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Termite Treatment Services

Termite inspection, protection & Treatment Services in Sydney

Termites are the sister family of cockroaches. Once they start infesting your house, they will only grow and won't be easy to get rid of. There are various signs that one can keep an eye on and get alarmed about the termite infestation in time:

Termites can cause large amounts of damage while they work undiscovered, Entire floorings and sometimes wall framing, as well as roof timbers, get destroyed by these tiny insects. The repair cost can reach thousands of dollars. It is best to Inspect and Prevent than deal with an active infestation

Termites never go away on their own, special chemical liquids have to be sprayed to get a permanent solution. In case you see any of the above-mentioned signs of infestation, do not hesitate to contact us and our experts will help you out with the solution. Be it home, office, beach house, or your farmhouse, just reach out to us and our experienced team will take care of the infested space and make it free of uninvited termites. Please replace with the following:

Special treatment needs to be applied to soil to create a chemical barrier that will stop subterranean termites from gaining access to timbers in contact with soil. Sometimes baiting is required to control a not visible nest. It is always best to let a professional in first.